The Rustic Delicacies of Ninh Binh


Not only famous for “cơm cháy” (scorched rice), goat meat but the ancient capital also owns rustic delicacies such as: roasted crab with guise leaves, fish raw and boiled mountainous snails.

Roasted crab with guise leaves

cua dong la lot

Roasted crab with guise leaves

Roasted crab with guise leaves is a rustic and popular dish in Ninh Binh province imbued with countryside flavor when visiting the old capital. Chefs roast cleaned crab and sliced guise leaves together in a certain recipe. The dish gives diners surprised taste with crispy flavor and typical fragrance of guise leaves. The dish is most delicious when served with hot rice.

 Fish snake eel salad

goi ca nhech

As a specialty of Kim Son, the fish salad has typical fragrance and flavor. The dish still needs basic materials such as: aralia leaves, apricot leaves, ground roasted rice powder but what make the dish most appealing is the flavor of fish snake eel. The fish is one of eel kinds. Fish snake eel is cleaned with lime water and ash water then remove bone, cut meat into thin slices. If the other fish salad is wrapped with rice paper, Ninh Binh people roll it with fried fish skin, or other vegetables.

Boiled mountainous snails

oc nui luoc

Boiled mountainous snails- fragrant and firm meat

Mountainous snails are famous specialty in Ninh Binh with natural sweetness because snails eat tree leaves and some precious herbs. Mountainous snails are processed into different dishes as grilled, fried with tamarind or garlic, etc. but most favorite dish is the boiled mountainous snails.

Cleaned snails are boiled with lemongrass. Just simple but attract a lot of customers.

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