Tasty Da Nang Fish Noodle Soup (Bún mắm)

Tasty Da Nang Fish Noodle Soup thanks to a combination of special flavor of fish sauce with roasted peanuts, crispy roast pork and boiled young jackfruit. All is blended into an unforgettable dish in the hearts of tourists when visiting such this poetic and romantic place.  

Not only charms tourists with the poetic beauty of nature and earth, Da Nang also fascinated pilgrims come here by unique but simple, delicious but very close level. Especially, Da Nang dishes are always described with pungent flavor. The pungent aroma of chili and the fragrance of fish/shrimp create a tasty flavor of a noodle bowl that you can hardly forget when once enjoy.

Da Nang Fish Noodle Soup (2)

Peppers are one of the indispensable ingredients of Da Nang Fish Noodle Soup

As its name, this dish consists of two indispensable components: noodle and sauce. This dish is served with raw vegetables such as: lettuce, basil, bean sprouts, cucumber, etc.

Da Nang Fish Noodle Soup (3)

Raw vegetables are also one of the factors that make up the distinctive character of this dish.

Sliced raw vegetables are placed in the bottom, followed by noodle, then pork. And then, a little boiled young jackfruit is mixed with sliced cilantro, roasted peanuts and served with fresh peppers or chili sauce. Especially it is indispensable for a little greasy oil to make the entire dish tastier.

Da Nang Fish Noodle Soup (5)

A little greasy oil makes the entire dish tastier.

Fish/crab sauce, of course, is indispensable component creating the enchanting taste of noodle soup. It has flavor of fish- taste of the sea. You can be totally captivated by the tasty scent of the food.

Da Nang Fish Noodle Soup (6)

The aroma of fish/crab sauce always irritates your taste in indescribable way

The fish/crab sauce is often made from anchovies or herring, etc. Depending on weather and temperature the sauce can be ready for 7 to 9 days.

Da Nang Fish Noodle Soup (7)

Spring rolls are added to make the dish tastier. Fish/crab sauce has a distinct flavor that it is hard to resist.

Da Nang Fish Noodle Soup (8)

Da Nang Fish Noodle Soup is too familiar dish to Da Nang people.

Da Nang Fish Noodle Soup (9)

A dish that you cannot forget

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