Recreating a Wedding of C’tu Ethnic Minority

Rites in weddings of ethnic groups such as: C’tu, Cor, Bh’ Nong, Xo Dang, etc. are lively recreated in festivals of Bac Tra My district (Quang Nam province).


Listed in the program of “Cultural- sport festival of mountainous districts” in Quang Nam province, wedding recreation of C’tu Ethnic Minority takes place from July 29 to July 31 at Tra My town, Bac Tra My district. Recreating rites and custom in wedding of mountainous ethnic groups get attraction of thousands of tourists and locals.


After coming to bride’s family, groom’s representatives are warmly welcomed. Every single ethnic group owns its custom but the wedding of C’tu ethnic- an ethnic group has long time culture and crowd of population, also has distinct rites and custom.


Groom’s parents ask wedding agreement from the bride’s parents.


After receiving the agreement, bride, groom and village teenagers dance around “nêu” tree to congratulate.


The village elderly also dance with traditional music instrument such as: gong, drum, etc.


On wedding day, groom’s family brings wine jars, sticky rice, pork meat and a buffalo.


The buffalo meat will be used for the wedding party; the remaining is shared for each person to bring back.


The offering ceremony between bride’s mother and groom’s mother looks quite serious.


After finishing the offering ceremony, wedding delegation sit together to eat, drink and sing.


At night, before the end of wedding party, the bride’s mother will cover a cloth on both bride and groom to wish happiness and never separation for them.


Bride and groom invite guests with wine


They dance and sing with traditional music instrument. The culture and sport festival of mountainous districts in Quang Nam province takes place every four years. The festival creates favorable conditions for ethnic groups in terms of showing unique and quintessential features in their traditional culture.

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