Specialties of Ako Dhong Vllage And Buon Ma Thuot City

Coming to Ako Dhong village, visitors cannot miss the tube wine. People usually say that coming this Highland without tasting the tube wine means you really have not stayed there. In particular, you will be invited by indigenous people with specialties here such as:  bitter fish dish, grilled framing pork meat, hotpot of forest leaves, etc.

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Ecstasy next to jars of tube wine

Coming back from Buon Me, surely you’ll not be able to ignore the typical dishes of the mountainous town: red noodles, grilled meat moist cake, Khot cake, fish soup, Dat Ly rice cake, and venison. Only once enjoyed, you will wish to come back again. Such those names have been associated with the coffee capital since many years ago and tourists absolutely love it.

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Buon Ma Thuot specialty

And anywhere in this beautiful city, you can also enjoy a tasty cup of coffee right in its homeland.

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A cup of coffee in Hinhlands

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