Chau Doc Specialties Make Tourists Addicted

Fish sauce, dried fish, dried frog, etc. are should-buy specialties in Chau Doc, An Giang.

Located in Mekong Delta region, Chau Doc city is a potential place for tourism and trade. Aside from landscapes, historic sites, tourists are able to discover a variety of specialties here. Just need to walk around Chau Doc market, tourists can easily find specialties as gifts for their relatives and friends.

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Chau Doc is famous for fishing sauces because it has a huge number of fish.

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Salted crabs is a typical specialty at Chau Doc

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The flooding season in Chau Doc has a lot of Linh fish; hence, people here make a kind of attractive and fragrant fish sauce.

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Dried fish is made in different dishes.

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Thai fish sauce is combined with sliced papaya.

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Dried fish

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Snakehead fish is made into a variety of dishes.

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Dried frog

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Chau Doc is also well-known for pure palm sugar.

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You should not miss out sour and sweet tamarind fruits as your gifts.

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