Pho – a wellknown specialty of Hanoi

phoIt is difficult to deny that whenever people have talks about famous cuisine of Hanoi, Pho is the first dish recommended to taste once in life.

Pho was said to be originated from China, and was brought to Vietnam between the end of 19th or beginning of 20th century. Although Nam Dinh was assumed to be the first place in Vietnam to have Pho, Pho Hanoi is thought to be the most delicious and fussy not only because of the quality itself, but also because of how it is made and tasted.

Pho includes rice noodle, stock and beef or chicken or even ground pork. It sounds easy to make, though to have a delicious bowl of Pho made is not that easy. Stock must be made from cow bones and it will be at best quality when it is pure and sweet. Rice noodle must be soft but not doughy; and the meat must be fresh. Additives are also important to make Pho tasty. There should be some vegetables, onion, pepper and a slice of lemon.  Pho is best to be tasted when it is still hot and there is some “quẩy” (a special kind of cake made from wheat flavor, sugar and eggs). Each shop may have its own secret recipe with some special additives to make its own Pho different from others.

It is very easy to find a Pho shop in Hanoi, from luxurious restaurants to street vendors. This kind of dish is popular pho quayamong people from the rich to the poor, from officers to collar workers, from top managers to porters on streets. People can eat Pho everywhere, at any time and at different price. If you ever want to try this dish, it is advised to try others made from the same kind of rice such as Phở cuốn” “Phở chiên” “Phở xào” “Phở chua ngọt”. They are all very special and worth-eating.

In Hanoi, you can enjoy Pho and other dishes with rice noodle in following address and locations:

–       Quan Ngon in Phan Boi Chau Street

–       Quan May in De La Thanh Street

–       Pho Thin in Lo Duc Street

–       Pho Phu Xuan in Hang Da Street

–       Pho Ga Nam Ngu in Nam Ngu Street

–       Pho Bac Nam in Hai Ba Trung Street

–       Ngu Xa street (near West Lake) with a lot of restaurants and shops serving dishes from rice noodle.

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