Horn Market in Lai Chau Over 12 Slopes

Visiting the weekly market of Phong Tho district, Lai Chau, tourists have to go over 12 high slopes; hence the market is called “Si Lo Lau” in local language which means 12 slopes.


The market is located in the farthest village of eight border villages in Phong Tho district (Lai Chau province), just about 1 km to the national border. The market is called Horn market because it is held on dates of horn animals such as coat and buffalo. Accordingly, the market is organized every six days.


The mark is situated on a remote area; therefore, it still keeps pristine beauties. Almost people here are ethnic people of Ha Nhi, Dao Do, Mong. They come for purchasing and exchange their culture.


Each person brings the distinct color of his/her ethnic group with colorful costumes.


Goods sold at the market are mainly simple products of the local here such as potato, bunches of banana, etc.


A corner selling embroidery and brocade products attract the attention of highland women.


Going to the market is not only for purchasing, but also for chatting and meeting.


The market is also the chance for little children following their mothers and get sweet cakes.


Favorite food of both mother and her child


Ethnic people here prefer grilled dishes. This is grilled tofu dish.


The way leading to the market is over 12 slopes. Sometimes, there are white clouds drifting which creates a colorful picture. From Hanoi, it takes about 460 km to Lai Chau, 36 km from Lai Chau to Chau THo, from intersection Chau Tho, turn right to Muong So and then from Muong So to Si  Lo Lau.

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