Kate Festival of Cham People in Ninh Thuan Province

Vibrant colors of traditional costumes and radiant joy of each person here are major attractions of Kate festival this year.


Kate festival is held on two different places


The first day takes place in Po Ina Nagar temple. At that time, Raglai people will bring costume of Mother Saint of Po Ina Nagar for the ceremony. Participants will dance around the place organizing ritual activities.


The color white and red of leaders together with vibrant colors of the festival make the village’s atmosphere more bustling and vibrant.


After taking the sacred costume into the temple, villagers will dance and sing to welcome the festival under the bright yellow color of autumn.


In the following morning, the festival is held at Po Klaong Garai. In early morning, a group of Cham people, villagers and tourists take part in the costume procession of King Po Klaong Garai.

Raglai people inherited and stored costumes of Kings; hence on each occasion of Kate festival, they bring such these costumes for ritual activities and dance with Cham people. It shows the national solidarity and enriches the colors of the festival.


Cham girls dance beautifully together with vibrant colors of traditional costume.


On this occasion, Cham people wish for health, peace and smooth business for their whole family and their village.


Leader of the village bring betel leaves and cups of wine to send wishes to the King Po Klaong Garai in stead of every single family in the village.


Sacrifices include chicken meat, wine, betel, fruits, and rice along with the sincere worship to their beloved Gods and Kings.


After the worship activity, Ong Camnai starts the opening tower ceremony. Ong Camnai takes a bottle of water and sand, then watering Shiva god on the tower gate. Worshipers will catch drops of sacred water and put it on their bodies for luck and peace.


The tower is a sacred symbol of Cham ethnic people and a place for pilgrims on occasion of Kate festival.


Charming young Cham girls with the traditional costumes

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