Tra Co Beach Simple and Peaceful Beauty

With the extensive beach of smooth white sand and blue transparent water, Tra Co Beach is the border of a natural island which is created by the impact of waves and sea stream onto the shore.

Tra Co is located on the far northeast of the country, in Quang Ninh Province, bordering China, and is 9km away from Mong Cai Town. It is 206 kilometers from Hai Phong City to Mong Cai Town. However, some other prefers to depart from Hon Gai (Ha Long) for a shorter distance of 132 kilometers.


Still keeps the simple and peaceful beauty

Con Mang near Tra Co beach is a very romantic to enjoy dawn and sunset. The sand here is so firm and smooth that you can ride motorbike without subsidence or slip.

On the way from Con Mang to Tra Co, tourists should not miss out Tra Co church with wonderful ancient architecture. Moreover, the Tra Co communal house is also the pride of locals here.

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Firm and smooth sandy beach

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As the outer edge of a natural alluvial island

Tra Co Beach stretches over 17 kilometers long from Got Tip in the North to Ngoc Tip in the South. Thanks to the huge size, the beach is capable of accommodating a large number of tourists at a time. Thanks to a far distance from the city and industrial zones, Tra Co atmosphere is cool and fresh that bears solitudes and primitive patterns. The year’s average temperature of Tra Co is 22.7 Degree Celsius. There are four months when it goes below 20 Celsius degree (December to March), and the highest temperature recorded is 28 Celsius degree only in the summer.

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Welcome thousands of tourists for relaxing and bathing

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Tra Co beach- cool and fresh atmosphere

Most tourists prefer Tra Co Beach because that there are very few shops, restaurants, and street vendors here. If tourists want some fresh seafood, they can find it easy and cost-saving from fishing boats anchoring on the shore at its freshest.

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Tourists find interesting when visiting Tra Co

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