Famous Cakes as Gifts for Mekong Delta Journey

The nine- dragon land is not only famous for fresh fruits all year around but also attractive with delicious cakes for your gifts after travelling Mekong Delta.

1. Soc Trang Pia Cake

banh pia

Along the way to Soc Trang province, tourists will easily see flat round cakes with sweet flavor and sold at many shops. These are Pia cake- a number one specialty in this area.

Pia cake has its own flavor. The crust of cake has scent of flour. When enjoy fillings inside, diners will perceive buttery taste of taro and fragrance of durian, sweetness of sugar and salt flavor of salted egg yolk.

2. My Long Coated Cake

banh trang my long

My Long coated cake attracts a lot of diners with eye-catching appearance of sausage, fried shrimp, thin egg slices. The cake is very crunchy and has scent of coconut milk together with flavor of shrimp and sausage. Visiting Ben Tre, you will easily see this specialty in everywhere.

3. Son Doc “Phồng” (Spongy) Cake

banh phong

 “Phong” cake is tasty and fragrant because of the quintessence of coconut milk. The porosity of cake mixed with greasy of coconut as emotional package of bakers in Dong Khoi hometown. Initially, Son Doc spongy cake only appeared in traditional holidays and New Year holiday. But because of its aromatic, juicy and crunchy taste, spongy cakes become the gift of countryside and available everywhere and every day on the ways of Mekong Delta area.

4. Tra Cuon Cylindrical Sticky Rice Cake

banh tet

Tra Cuon cylindrical sticky rice cake is one of two famous sticky rice cakes in the South Vietnam. To have delicious plastic and sweet cakes, cake makers have to do many skillful and meticulous steps from collecting wrapped leaves, natural colors, wrapping and cooking.

5. Ben Tre Milk Rice Cake

The greasy and buttery taste of coconut milk together with the softness of rice powder, tapioca, the scent of durian create impressive and unforgettable flavor of the milk rice cake.

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