Diem Village Festival Is Bustling With Quan Ho Signing

Diem Village Festival is annually held in order to show respect for Mrs. King – ancestor of Quan Ho, who are the founder of the well- known folk songs.

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Diem Village is another name of Viem Xa village, Long Hoa Commune, Bac Ninh. The festival is an opportunity to express respect and gratitude to the ancestor of Quan Ho  as well as the time for villagers to pray for good weather, good crop and a thriving year.

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The festival takes place in three days, in which the 25th of March (6th of Feb, lunar calendar) is main festival. The solemn procession involves hundreds of people in the village.

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Procession to the shrine together with Mrs. King to beg for water from Jade well.

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Tourists should come here the night before to enjoy beautiful voice of elderly singers.  No matter you are patrons or strangers, you will be also invited for meal by owners.

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Diem village is the only place in the 49 villages of the region that has the shrine for the ancestor of Quan Ho.

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According to legend, the ancestor was the daughter of King Hung. The King organized a competition to find her a prince, but she denied to marry with the winner and asked the King for travelling for a while.

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Originally, the place was a deserted land, She helped people cultivation and taught them sing Quan Ho; hence after She passed away, villagers built a shrine to respect her.

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In addition, the festival also has sport activities such as chess, badminton, swing, cock fighting, etc. In the picture is chess game.

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