Quan Ho Bac Ninh Folk Songs- A Pure Beauty in Northern Vietnam


A Pure Beauty of Quan Ho folk songs in Northern Vietnam

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The beauty of quan ho folk song culture

Speaking to Bac Ninh province, people not only mention to famous places such as Do temple, Dong Ho village, etc. but also especially mention to quan ho folk songs and cultures associated with such this art form- an invaluable intangible culture of Vietnam.

For the Bac Ninh people, festivals not only allow them to highlight their own village’s specialties, such as ceramics, folk painting, wrestling, kite parades, or bird contest, among a great many other things, but also their common prized heritage, the Quan Họ singing tradition.

Instrumental accompaniment is slowly creeping in and welcomed by quan họ singers in some villages. The monochord is the most common instrument, followed by the bamboo flute. Other traditional instruments may include the 36-stringed hammered dulcimer, etc. Occasionally the acoustic guitar and even the electronic keyboard are used.

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Male singers and female singers invite betel and sing together.

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Quan ho is recognised as the Intangible Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO in 2009.

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Quan ho villages with folk games

In performance, the outfits of Quan ho are distinctive. The female costume includes non thung quai thao (the large round Quan ho hat) and scarf for wrapping the hair, camisole, tunic, skirt, scarves tied about the waist and slippers. The male costume includes turban, umbrella, shirt or robe including undershirts and long tunics with five pieces, trousers and slippers.

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Quan ho singing in the communal house

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Quan ho singing on the semicircle lake


Young generation inherits and promotes the quan ho Bac Ninh folk songs

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In daily work, quan ho songs are usually sung.

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Male and female singers are happy to participate in the festival

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Bac Ninh girls cleverly make pieces of betel to invite guests

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