Vietnam, Hoi An in The List of Worth- Visiting Countries and Cities In 2015

Based on the votes of visitors, the famous travel magazine of UK Wanderlust listed Vietnam and Hoi An to the top worth- living countries and cities in 2015.

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New Zealand – the island in the southwest region of the Pacific Ocean is the destination of many tourists.

Each year, the travel magazine Wanderlust has their annual surveys for readers to find the most attractive destinations and cities worth visiting, most impressive international airports, etc. In a poll for 2015, the results are summarized and published on January 29. Accordingly, Vietnam and Hoi An are listed.

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African country- Namibia was in the highest rank of 97.37%

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Vietnam has the result of 94.56%

As a result of 94.56%, Vietnam is ranked in the top 10 countries. In the top 10 countries has some Africa countries such as Namibia (97.37%), Ethiopia (97.27%), Zambia (96.36%). In particular, the list does not have any “representatives” from Europe.

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Hoi An Old Town is ongoing listed in the “Golden List” of the travel journal.

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Luang Prabang City in Laos in the highest rank

In addition, the poll also found 10 world’s best airports, top 10 best airlines, top 10 best travel guide magazines, etc.

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