Vietnam One of 4 Destinations On The Rise 2015

Together with Dubai, Namibia and Burma, Vietnam is shortlisted in the top 4 Destinations on the rise 2015 of the world.

According to assessment of the online travel website, Dubai becomes the most attractive destination in the world 2015. Besides, some developing countries such as Namibia, Burma and Vietnam promise as unforgettable destinations.


Vietnam on the top 4 most attractive destination in the world

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The S-shaped country makes foreign tourists impressive thanks to majestic nature, long-time traditional culture and colorful cuisine.

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A lot of foreign tourists feel interesting to experience Vietnamese cuisine.

According to introduction of, Vietnam has become one of hot destinations in 2015. Especially in 2015, Vietnam will focus on the target “the year of national tourism”. This is an important event to help foreigners know more about values of tangible and intangible culture, and Vietnam landscapes.

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Dubai on the top with the world biggest artificial work

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The Palm Island is considered the eighth World Wonder at Dubai city


National park Etosha of Republic of Namibia

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Myanmar with famous Buddha temples

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