Unique Boutique Hotel Made of Bamboo and Brocade in Mai Chau

Mai Chau is a perfect destination to get rid of the dust and the noisy streets. Natural essence of this land holds totally a hotel located in the heart of Mai Chau with furniture of bamboo and brocade.

Sunset Mai Chau – Boutique Hotel in Pom coong village, Mai Chau town (Hoa Binh) looks stunning with gentle appearance.

Perhaps this is the only hotel in Vietnam using the entire interior with bamboo. Beds, wardrobes, dining table, dressing table, dining area, other items in the hotel bar, etc. are made of natural bamboo.


Mai Chau Sunset – Boutique Hotel are decorated with bamboo.

Combination of bamboo and brocade, it can be said this is a new approach in the hotel interior.

Such a combination gives visitors moments of rest and real relax. But above all, this space is also a unique tourism product bringing experiences of culture and daily life of mountainous region.



Bamboo and brocade in the interior design creates a elegant space but cozy.



This is also a place where visitors can experience the unique culture and people of Mai Chau mountainous region.

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