Two Kinds of Vietnam Coffee in the Shortlist of Must-Taste Coffee in the World

Apart from well-known café, Egg coffee and ice coffee of Vietnam are favored by many diners because of its unforgettable taste.

Based on the evaluation of visitors, the page BuzzFeed recently released a list of the types of impressive and worth- enjoyable coffee in the world. Beside well-known coffee, Egg coffee and ice coffee of Vietnam are on the top of the most popular drinks.


The style to enjoy this kind of drink is very unique and it is not easy to have a true teaspoon of egg coffee. Coffeers have to stir constantly to blend coffee with milk and whipped eggs then coffeers can feel the bitterness but sweet and greasy of all materials. It is interesting to play catch with coffee in this way: Stir continuously for a few seconds and then quickly grab a spoon full of coffee and eggs and enjoy the feeling of all melting slowly. (Source from


Ice coffee of Vietnam has conquered many difficult customers.

In addition to the Egg coffee, the simple ice coffee of Vietnam is also honored on the list. It is not hard to order a cup of ice brown or black coffee around the alleys and luxury shops in Vietnam. It is made by mixing the traditional Vietnamese coffee and condensed milk in a certain proportion. Then, users add ice to taste themselves.

BuzzFeed page also lists the cafe dishes which have “rejoiced” tourists in many countries around the world.


Cafe Kaffeost butter, Finland has a special taste of the cheese. Cups of coffee are served with shredded cheeses.


Traditional café of Mexico


French cafe


Cafe Capuchino


Cafe Bombon- popular at Valencia, Spain


Cafe Pharisäer of German


Cafe Türk Kahvesi of Turkey

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