Ancient Beauty of Keo Temple in Thai Binh province

Keo temple is the one with the most spectacular in architecture of Vietnam. With more than 400 years old, Keo temple is an ancient destination for tourists.


Keo temple is located in Duy Nhat village, Vu Thu district, Thai Binh province. It was started building in 1630 and completed in 1632 under Le dynasty’s architecture.


It is one of a few ancient temples in Vietnam remains entire the old architecture.


Step inside the temple is a small room with a large ironwood pillar, a green carpet in front and rows of small areca trees. Two ancient stone tablets are situated in two sides.


The stone tablets recorded Keo temple area in an area of about 58,000 square meters consisting of several houses made into different architectures. Currently, the entire temple architecture remains 17 projects.


The paved road will take you to places worshipping Buddha, Saints, Ancestors and bell tower.


On the top of tiled roofs are stylized patterns.


The door set engraved with dragon image is a unique one of Vietnam. It can be said that Keo temple is the top art museum of early seventeenth century, with many unique masterpieces.


Beside ancient architecture, Keo temple preserved a lot of old statues.


Mainly raw materials used to build the temple are wood, brick and stone. Through the ups and downs, the temple still shows its ancient and stable beauty over time.


With the value of history and culture, Keo temple was ranked as “National special Monument “.


Every year on the 4th of lunar January, Keo villagers celebrate the spring festival right in the temple. More than nine months later, on the 13th, 14th and 15th of September, Keo temple welcomes an autumn festival.

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