Three Famous Communal Houses in Doai Area

Doai area includes Ba Vi and Son Tay of Hanoi with well-known temples such as: Mong Phu, Tay Dang, Chu Quyen, etc.


Chu Quyen communal house (Chang communal house) in Chu Quyen village, Chu Minh commune, Ba Vi district, Hanoi is a unique art relic dating back to the 17th century.


Dragon images are presented at Chang communal house in different ways.


Functionally, the Chang house is a kind of religious architecture. However, in general, it is an art architectural relic and considered a relic of history and culture.


“A man is riding tiger” is a nice and impressive sculpture in Chu Quyen house.


Mong Phu communal house is situated in Duong Lam ancient village, Ba Vi, Ha Noi. It was built in the early Nguyen dynasty.


Dragon is a lucky symbol for favorable weather condition and good harvest.


Duong Lam ancient village is about 60 km from Hanoi city center.


Tay Dang communal house is the oldest one in Vietnam at the age of 500.


In addition, Tay Dang communal house has an ancient well.


Apart from values of architectures, Tay Dang communal house also worships Saint Tan Vien.

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