Ten Spectacular Churches in Nam Dinh Province

As one of provinces with most beautiful churches nationwide, religious constructions of Nam Dinh province are imbued with Gothic architecture.

1. Bui Chu Conference of Catholic Bishops


Situated at Xuan Ngoc commune, Xuan Truong district since 1885, over 100 years old, Bui Chu Conference of Catholic Bishops is still majestic with 78 meters long, 22 meters wide and 15 meters high.

2. Phu Nhai Conference of Catholic Bishops


Phu Nhai church has experienced five times of construction. The first time is in the 18th century and most recently in 1933. Currently, this work is 80 meters long, 27 meters wide, and 30 meters high.

3. Kien Lao Church


The Kien Lao church is located in Xuan Tien commune, Xuan Truong district with the length of 75 meters, the width of 26 meters, the height of 28 meters and the bell tower of 46 meters high.

4. Trung Linh Church


The church is situated in Xuan Ngoc commune, Xuan Truong district, about 1.5 km from Bui Chu Conference of Catholic Bishops. This is a favorite wedding photo shoot.

5. Thanh Danh Church


The church has a lot of nice pictures telling interesting stories in the Bible

6. Nam Dinh Church


It is located in the center of Nam Dinh city.

7. Hung Nghia Church


Guests can not help admiring the parish church Hung Nghia because of its magnificence.

8. Xuong Dien Church


The combination of European and Asian styles makes the building closer.

9. Phu An Church


The Phu An church

10. Hai Ly Falling Church


Hai Ly Falling Church is a favorite place for many tourists near and far.

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