The Museum Attracts Most Tourists In Lang Son

The Bac Son museum is a place to recall of the armed uprising in the past, to help visitors understand more about the fascinating past of military and local residents in the war.

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To store, preserve and exhibit artifacts of Bac Son uprising, Lang Son authority built a thematic museum. It is located right next to the highway 1B, Long Hung village, Long Dong Commune, Bac Son district.


On September 26, 1966, Bac Son Museum was officially put into operation.

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The gallery house today was built in 1985, looks like a traditional stilt house of the Tay ethnic people, mountains behind and airy space in four faces.

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With the aim to help viewers understand comprehensively, insightfully, and systematically about the contents of Bac Son uprising, the museum exhibits in a scientific way, layout consists of 3 parts: Showroom “Bac Son prehistoric period”,” Bac Son uprising “and” Bac Son revolutionary tradition “.

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In the exhibit “Bac Son prehistoric”, you will see artifacts such as stone axes, pottery, jewelry, tools, etc.

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The cave of Bac Son prehistoric people

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Part 2 is an exhibition focusing on the theme “Bac Son Uprising”

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Part 3 exhibits an overview of important achievements in the cause of building and protecting the country over the Bac Son anti-French and anti-American periods from 1975 to present.

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Behind the museum campus is a stilt house where Bac Son soldiers are worshipped. Currently the museum entrance fee is free for everyone.

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