Two World Famous Bamboo Vietnamese Houses

With materials of bamboo and wood, Vietnamese architect created houses and café shops imbued with Vietnamese tradition and highly appreciated.

1. Trảng Bàng Bamboo House- Tây Ninh Province

Built in 2008 and completed 2 years later, the house lies in Trang Bang district, Tay Ninh province, 50 km from Ho Chi Minh city and the total area of 2,000 square meters. It is designed by Mr. Dang Hao (owner). The house is mainly made of wood and bamboo bought from surrounding areas, while roofs are thatched with coconut leaves, a very common species in the southern region.

Visiting the house, tourists will feel romance and coolness of green duckweed on a small river in front of porch. In addition, the airy space is harmonic with the house that is surrounded with green rice field and flying storks which make the house more attractive and poetic.

The house is a dream of those who like natural and quite life style. Hence in 2012, the construction was for sale in The Wall Street of the United States with price of a million dollars. However, to own the house, buyer must pass a special interview of the house’s owner. They will be asked about hobbies and friendly life style to environment.

nha tre 1

Harmony with nature is the highlight of this construction

2. Wind and Water café shop, Thu Dau Mot – Binh Duong

With the special creation of architect Vo Trong Nghia and his friends, Wind and Water cafe has been awarded the International Architecture IAA 2008. This is the unique architecture built primarily by familiar bamboo trees in Binh Duong, feels like a giant pile of straw with pretty small entrance.

Inside the café shop where cups of coffee are put lower than water surface, so visitors easily feel water and wind. Green trees are place inside the restaurant to create a unique space.

Here, visitors just sip a cup of coffee, just discover the unique architecture and immersed in lush green space with wind and water.  On weekends, coming back to quiet space, melodious music and cool breeze is a fascinating experience.

nha tre 2

Immersing yourself in the natural space of wind and water is the highlight of this famous cafe.

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