Exploring the Mysterious Ancient Monastery on the top of Sa Pa

Having been a missionary, repentance and salvation of 12 female ascetics, Ta Phin monastery today carries the mysterious, mystical or extraordinary beauty.

About 12 km from Sa Pa town on the east, on the way to Ta Phin village, you should not miss out the Ta Phin monastery. Over the past half century, it was abandoned but is very attractive stopover for tourists to discover and admire the beauty imbued with French colonial architecture behind the long time dust layers

This was a place where 12 female ascetics followed Catholic Church but were deported from Japan, wandering to Lao Cai parish. Here, 12 nuns had positive contributions in studying and teaching cultivation techniques of temperate plants, consistent with the climate and soil in Sa Pa as black rice, buckwheat, vegetables, sweet potatoes and fresh fruits like grapes, apples, peaches, etc.

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Forest beach trees grow around the monastery that make nature surrounding more romantic.

Starting to be built on October 8, 1942, but after many years, a part of the monastery had not been completed. In 1945, due to unrest security, the nun group moved to Hanoi, the monastery has been abandoned up to now.

In place of high mountains, covered by fog all year round, the image of ancient and collapsed monastery is hidden in the white mist of Sa Pa, covered with dense trees makes people think of the fairy tale.

The building was built up of laterite, hence walls and columns are still remained, permanent and sustainable. The remains of the monastery raise a question what reason made the building collapse and became so desolate, whether it was caused by war or deliberate destruction of human.

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The monastery’s entrance was built with stone imbued with French architecture- classical beauty.

The Monastery’s structure consists of a 5- room horizontal house facing west, a staircase and 3 floors, including an underground basement. The house is accommodation of 12 nuns. In addition, on the right side of the building there is a vertical house, this may be the storage of food, furniture, and the kitchen of the monastery. The whole buildings now do not have its roofs; the remaining walls are coved with moss. In front of the building is a wide long corridor, but also not formed into a whole.

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Walls totally covered with moss

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