“Li Xi” (Lucky Money) Custom On New Year Occasion in Vietnam

li xi 1

“Li Xi” envelopes in red color for luckiness

Most Vietnamese people are too familiar with “Li Xi” envelopes in every occasion of traditional New Year holiday. Children receive lucky for their fast growth; the elderly receive lucky money from their children for good health and longevity.

“Li Xi” envelopes also bring many good thoughts. The envelope symbolizes discreetness to avoid comparing and disagreement in the New Year. “Li Xi” envelopes are usually in red color, to Asian people, the red is one of the most auspicious colors in the festival.

“Li Xi” envelopes also symbolize fortune – the more envelopes given and taken, the more luckiness comes. “Li Xi” custom has nice meanings, hence, it has been preserves and maintained until now.

li xi 2

The lucky money means wishes for good health and luckiness

According to ancient tradition, on the first day of the New Year, children usually send New Year wishes and lucky money for their parents and grandparents. Then, they will be received “lucky money” in red envelopes by their grandparents and parents. The envelope contains a little money that will bring luckiness in the New Year’s Days. According to ancient tradition, children have to give “Li Xi” to their grandparents first, and then their parents will give “Li Xi” to them.

The “Li Xi” custom has been kept until now. Grandparents, parents, uncles, and aunts give “Li Xi” to their children. Visitors usually give lucky money for the children whose parents they drop into and vice versa. The lucky money means wishes for good health and luckiness; therefore, the amount of money inside is not a considerable matter.

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