Vast Sky and Sea of Truong Sa Archipelago

Between red sunset, Truong Sa is nice and fanciful enough to captivate anyone who has a chance to visit Truong Sa archipelago of Vietnam.

truong sa 1

The best time to visit Truong Sa is period from May to July, because this is the time that sunshine will be yellow as pouring honey on islands.

truong sa 2

Red flag with yellow star on a blue sky at the welcome gate on Truong Sa archipelago.

truong sa 3

A corner of beautiful and romantic Truong Sa with white sand, fresh plants and clean water.

truong sa 4

Outstanding lighthouse on Son Ca island looks as a simple picture of landscape but attractive enough to captivate tourists’ hearts.

truong sa 7

                                                  Son Ca island is peacefully lying on sea.

truong sa 6

                                                     Sea along Song Tu Tay Island

truong sa 8

One corner of Song Tu Tay embankment- modern beauty like other coastal corners of beach cities of Nha Trang or Vung Tau.

truong sa 9

                                                    Here, light towers shine at night

truong sa 10

Long rows of Tournefortia argentea along white sand bring bright beauty for coastal embankment.

truong sa 11

Tournefortia argentea is blossoming on islands

truong sa 12

Tournefortia argentea, tropical almond, etc. create a simple and peaceful picture

truong sa 13

                                        The innocence of children on the Sinh Ton Island

truong sa 15

In nearly all parts of the sinking and floating islands, it is easy to see sea water and sky color stretching and endless blue.

truong sa 16

                                                           Solar energy system is used here

truong sa 17

At Truong Sa archipelago, the sea water is too clear to see schools of colorful fish swimming.

truong sa 18

The islands are covered with green color of vegetables and plants that just provide nutrition to soldiers, just help their life more poetic.

truong sa 19

A corner of balcony on the island looks poetic with wind chimes made of snail shells.

truong sa 20

Visiting any island of Truong Sa archipelago, you can easily see modern solar energy systems.

truong sa 21

Solar batteries and wind fans are put into operation to ensure total electric power 5,167Kwh/day, 24/24 supply for both soldiers and residents in Truong Sa.

truong sa 22

Under strong sunshine, a technical team is still working to maintain clean power system.

truong sa 23

Truong Sa, at night, is shimmering under light like a busy inland cities.

truong sa 25

Between red sunset, Truong Sa is nice and fanciful enough to captivate anyone who has a chance to visit Truong Sa archipelago of Vietnam.

 truong sa 27

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