Ho Coc Beach On The Top World Amazingly Cheap Paradise

According to foreign experts, it possesses beautiful beaches, natural scenery and very affordable price.

Thrillist website has published a list of 12 cheap paradises in the world and must-visit tourist attractions in 2015. Ho Coc beach, Ba Ria – Vung Tau was ranked 8th.

Tourists coming here should take part in tours of exploring tropical forest of 11,000 hectares, scuba diving or swimming in the nearby white sand beaches. In addition, visitors can visit Binh Chau for hot spring bath, mud bath, etc. Representatives of Asia, there are two neighboring countries of Cambodia with Koh Tonsay island and China with Hainan island.


Ho Coc Beach was ranked eighth in the list of Thrillist.

Besides, Bai Dai beach of Phu Quoc is also in the list of the world most beautiful white sand beaches and was ranked sixth out of 13.

According to the description of the site Thrillist, Bai Dai Beach of Phu Quoc island owns beautiful and smooth white sand surrounded by a tropical forest. Visitors coming here will have the opportunity to experience and explore such this paradise by kayak or using massage services.

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