Dong Van stone plateau-the fairy land of rock in Northwest of Vietnam

Ha Giang province has been well-known for years by its famous Tam Giac Mach (Buckwheat) flower season. But it should be a shortage if we are only charmed by the stunning flowers and ignore Dong Van stone plateau of the interesting land.

Dong Van Stone plateau located around 140 kilometers from the downtown of Ha Giang city, is a famous destination in the Northeast of Vietnam. From the capital city of Hanoi, it takes a journey of more than 300 kilometers through Vinh Yen, Doan Hung, Phu Tho, Tuyen Quang province and Ha Giang.

Dong Van stone plateau

Dong Van stone plateau


Despite being a remote and mountainous area, the tourism services here are fairly good. You can always easily find a hotel or homestay to spend your nights here in Dong Van. However, there’s a tip if you wish to save budget, pick a house of local inhabitants as accommodation, it’s much cheaper and still comfortable, especially you’re here to for sightseeing and not in need of private space.

The land of grey rocks

The land of grey rocks

When to visit?

In fact the climate in Dong Van is quite pleasant and good for tourism at any time in year. However, to catch the most beautiful period, Tam Giac Mach flower season is the best choice of time. However if you’re expecting for something brighter than the tender pink of Tam Giac Mach flowers, spring with brilliant yellow rapeseed flowers is perfect.

Dong Van plateau in the season of buckwheat flowers

Dong Van plateau in the season of buckwheat flowers

What is so special of Dong Van stone plateau?

Once passing through rugged and dangerous pass with one side is countless of cat-eared mountains and the other side is deep abyss, Dong Van stone plateau gradually appears in fanciful fog. Located at the altitude from 1000 to 1600 meters, this spectacular plateau received global geopark status by UNESCO in 2012.

Rapeseed flowers bloom on the stone plateau

Rapeseed flowers bloom on the stone plateau

It sounds like there should be nothing but rocks here in the place but no, the natural life here is quite dynamic. Among dark grey rocks, there lies shiny green fields of rice and corn. Sometimes you’ll catch green stone walls that are carefully built by local ethnic groups to protect their tiny home and fields. It was skillful hands of H’mong men that turned rugged rocks into flat walls with ancient look. It’s said that the walls here represent the care of H’mong men to his family.

Stone walls made by skillful hands of H'mong men to protect their house

Stone walls made by skillful hands of H’mong men to protect their house

Special cuisine in Dong Van plateau

When your eyes are full of the stunning landscape and your empty stomach rings, find a stop to rest and enjoy local food.

First to mention is Thang Co, a dish made from horse’s organs steamed in several hours and added many spices for flavor. It could be a bit hard to try the dish at the first time but if you are able to pass the barrier, a bow of Thang Co with a cup of corn alcohol will be unforgetable. Or if you do not want to make yourself a hard time, try Thang Den, a kind of sweet soup looking like Banh Troi in Hanoi but is totally different in its taste.

Thang Co cooked at a food stall in a fair of market in Dong Van

Thang Co cooked at a food stall in a fair of market in Dong Van

Smoked sausage is the next food you should add in your cuisine list when traveling to Dong Van plateau. The sweet and buttery pork combined with the scent of mac khen (a kind of spice grows in forest) and smoke will not let you forget it once you taste. Also, if you have enough time, try to taste Au tau rice porridge, Tam giac mach (buckwheat) pancake, men men (steamed corn powder) or five-color sticky rice.

Smoked sausage hung in kitchen of a H'mong family

Smoked sausage hung in kitchen of a H’mong family

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