Vietnamese Sandwich Shops (Banh Mi) are Praised by Foreign Journalists

Vietnam banh mi is one of the world most impressive food because of its combination of crunchy crust and nutritious fillings. Today, introduces you 4 Vietnamese banh mi shops which are praised by professional chefs as well as foreign journalists.

Banh mi, Hue street, Hanoi

Banh Mi

The banh mi shop in Hue street was born in 1974

Banh mi shop at 118A, Hue street has been praised by journalist David Farley, BBC as the most delicious food he has ever eaten. The banh mi includes sliced pork meat, pate, xa xiu, meat floss, five spice powder and butter. It is served with spicy sauce and vegetables.

Phuong banh mi shop, Hoi An

Vietnam-banh-mi (1)

Phuong banh mi attracts both local and foreign customers.

Phuong banh mi shop, Hoi An is the first address in Google search for the best banh mi in Vietnam. The dish conquered two famous chefs: Anthony Bourdain (USA) and Cameron Stach (Canada).

Nha Trang banh mi street food


The banh mi here is described to be suitable for lunch or diner with a variety of filling and vegetables.

In 2013, banh mi Nha Trang was votes as one of 11 most world delicious street food.

Banh Mi Nguyen Trai, Saigon

Vietnam-banh-mi (3)

Grilled balls of meat is a soul of the banh mi Nguyen Trai

It was selected in the list of 12 most world delicious street food by US Travel Magazine Conde’ Nast Traveler.

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