Bobo ChaCha Soup Appears in Vietnam

It does not need to enter luxury restaurants; you can easily find typical Asia beverages that are gradually popular in Vietnam.

The introduction of these beverages help people, especially the Vietnamese young has more options to reduce heat of summer.

Bobo ChaCha Soup from Singapore

Bobo Chach is a popular dessert soup in Singapore, Malaysia as well as in other Southeast countries, and Vietnam is not exceptional. Materials of this soup are very various and varied depending on each local taste. But main materials include taro, sweet potato, jelly, tapioca pearls, and coconut milk.

For anyone who hears the name Bobo Chacha at first time wants to enjoy because its name sounds quite strange and creates curiosity. Then, dinners will be attracted with its fragrance and good taste.


Bobo Chacha soup is a popular one in many nosh restaurants in Vietnam with the price of VND 15,000/ bowl.

In Hanoi, one of favorite bobo chacha shops is located on Cua Bac street. Coming here, you can enjoy three types of bobo chacha soup: white, black and fruits. Each has its own flavor but still keeps common flavor: not too sweet, fresh, cool and fragrant. Most soup shops have bobo chacha in their menu. In Ho Chi Minh city, there is a famous restaurant of Singapore dishes on Xo Viet Nghe Tinh street where you are able to enjoy bobo chacha and other specialties of Singapore.

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