Stuck Up With Italian Dishes in Hanoi and Saigon

Speaking to Italian dishes, we usually mention to pizza or spaghetti. However, the menu of Italy is very various except such these above dishes.

First Dish: Octopus with fresh vegetables, salmon eggs, bean and hazelnuts.

Chefs create a small circle with cucumbers, fresh vegetables inside, covered with a layer of octopus, salmon eggs, and beans on the top. Hazelnut sauce is decorated surroundings. When you enjoy, you will somewhat surprised because of its sour taste, but in return is thinly sliced ​​ brittle octopus. It will be better if you enjoy the dish with a glass of white wine.

Italian dishes1

Thinly sliced ​​ octopus but still brittle when being enjoyed

Second Dish: Seafood Soup with garlic bread

Service staffs will serve you two pieces of garlic bread in a small dish. After about three minutes, they shall bring a bowl of hot soup of mushroom, squid, meat, fish and some basil. Then you pour the bread into the soup, wait some minutes and enjoy it.

Italian dishes2

The garlic bread will make the soup more delicious

Third Dish: Italian Rice with strawberry, grilled quails and balsamic sauce.

When the Italian rice dish is served, you might be surprised because it differs from in your imagine. This Italian rice dish is slightly wet; a fresh strawberry is placed on the top and especially crisp rice seeds. Quails are finely marinated, and then cleverly cut with tender pieces of meat. You will eat a small spoonful of rice, dip a part of quail meat into the sauce and then enjoy it. This dish is very popular in Italy.

Italian dishes3

The Italian rice with crisp rice seeds and slightly wet for strange taste

Forth Dish: beef tenderloin with arugula, mini tomato and balsamic sauce

The cuisine of Italy is usually in small amount, but rich in protein, ensure nutrition and energy. You use fork to skewer a piece of steak, cover with a layer of sauce. Then eat some arugula and mini tomato. Tender beef combined with the slightly pungent of arugula bring an exciting taste for you. When using the beef tenderloin dish, you have to take a sip of red wine for more tastes.

Italian dishes4

The beef tenderloin dish with arugula is simply decorated but still good-looking

Fifth Dish: Tiramisu with cheese mousse, biscuits and espresso syrup

Tiramisu is considered a wonderful dessert. Italian restaurant cooks can prepare this dish right in front of diners. Tiramisu is combined with sweet cheese mousse for those who love sweetness. Cookies placed between two layers of mousse are very soft. A little espresso syrup above brings sweet and bitter balance.

Italian dishes5

This dessert looks simple but quite meticulous in preparation.

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