A Place Recorded The Most Multicolored Rock Ground in Vietnam

In addition to sand dunes, Bau Sen, Binh Thuan also owns seven colored rock ground which are recognized as “The Most shaped and colored rock ground in Vietnam by Vietnam Guinness “.

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About 200 km from Ho Chi Minh city to the northeast, Binh Thuan is a land endowed with long beach coast, mountains, deep blue forests.

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Ta Cu is one of the destinations for trekking lovers. From a peak of Ta Cu, viewing plains in distance and winding coastline is a really great experience.

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Ham Thuan Nam is a place plating most dragon fruits.

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Among white sand dunes, Bau Sen seems as a precious gift of nature.

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Nearby Bau Sen is Bau Trang forms cluster of charming natural scenery

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Ke Ga Lighthouse is a new destination that recently many young backpackers choose. Here, you can camp overnight for the next morning sunrise.

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Rock Water Bay is not far from Ke Ga Lighthouse where a lot of couples choose for their wedding photos. There are a lot of strange shapes rocks lying on the sand to avoid slapping waves.

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Rock Water Bay is recognized as the most colorful stone ground in Vietnam.

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Along the coastal road from Mui Ne to Hoa Thang is one of the most beautiful streets of the country.

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Binh Thuan now has 2 clusters of ancient towers: Po Sah Inu towers and Podam towers.

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