“Crazy House” of Vietnam Is Among The World Most Impressive Hotels

With its unique architecture, “Crazy House” – Hang Nga villa in Da Lat, Vietnam has been listed as one of the world most special hotels by Boredpanda tourism website.

Crazy-House (11)

Crazy House

“Crazy House” – Hang Nga villa situated on the road Huynh Thuc Khang Street, Da lat is also known under the name “Crazy House”. The house has strange shapes, its interior is completely different from common architecture. Previously, the site American Business Insider also voted “Crazy House” in the top 3 weirdest hotels in the world.

Crazy-House (1)

Ascher Cliff Switzerland

Crazy-House (2)

Igloo hotel Kakslauttanen was built in the village of Saariselka, Lapland province of Finland

Crazy-House (3)

Ladera Resort, St. Lucia is the only resort seen on the UNESCO World Heritage site, overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

Crazy-House (6)

Le Shangri-La Hotel has consistently been voted the most luxury and romantic hotel in Paris

Crazy-House (8)

Conrad Maldives Hotel

Crazy-House (10)

Attrap Reves Hotel

Crazy-House (12)

Giraffe Manor hotel in Kenya

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