Marvelous Scenery Of Hai Van Mountain Pass

Hai Van pass has always been mentioned in the eagerness of people who have never set foot in this place and full of pride and excitement in the voices of those who have touched on it. It is one of the highest passes, very dangerous but also full of passion. Hai Van is as familiar as the song in memory and as a part of the Truong Son heroic mountain range reaching to the sea.

Hai-Van-Pass (1)

It is a pride standing before majestic Hai Van pass.

Hai-Van-Pass (3)

Save moments at Hai Van.

Hai-Van-Pass (4)

Hai Van used to a place for ceremony of Champa under Tran dynasty.

Hai-Van-Pass (5)

Hai Van Pass day and night connects the North and South.

Hai-Van-Pass (7)

Blue water of Hai Van pass

Hai-Van-Pass (8)

Watercolor of Hai Van pass

Hai-Van-Pass (9)

Stop to watch enchanting green spaces.

Hai-Van-Pass (16)

Adventuring Hai Van Pass makes travellers addicted and excited.

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