If you love eating fruits, Vietnam will be definitely your heaven because Vietnam has a tropical climate in which people can grow a variety of fresh and delicious fruits. Below is the list of 10 best Vietnamese fruits you should try when visiting Vietnam.

1. Rambutan

Rambutan is called Chom Chom in Vietnam and is one of the most delicious fruits you should try. It is grown in the Mekong Delta and it has gained a reputation for the best quality in Binh Hoa Phuoc village in Long Ho district, Vinh Long province in Vietnam. You will be attracted by its unique look with spiky skin and a cool sweet taste. You can find the rambutan in any local markets and supermarkets. But it is interesting for you to buy from the vendor because you will be likely to bargain to have a more reasonable price.
• Price: 40 000 VND / kg

Rambutan - Chôm chôm

                                                       RAMBUTAN – CHÔM CHÔM. SOURCE: CAYANTRAI.VN

2. Pomelo

Pomelo – Buoi is one of the most popular and indispensable fruits in Vietnam on special occasions such as Tet, anniversary day, etc. And in Vietnam, there are many kinds of pomelo. For instance, green skin pomelo in Ben Tre province, Phuc Trach pomelo in Ha Tinh province, or Doan Hung pomelo in Phu Tho province. It is full of vitamins, minerals, calcium, and protein. Its flavor not only helps you have a sense of being fresh but also lose weight. Especially, from a pomelo, the locals make a wonderful grapefruit tea which visitors never forget if they try.
• Price:  35 000 VND – 45 000 VND/ kg

Pomelo - Bưởi

                                                                       POMELO – BƯỞI. SOURCE: DKN.TV

3. Durian

It is derived from the rain forest of peninsular Malaysia and in Vietnam, it is mainly grown in the South and West provinces: Tien Giang, Vung Tau, Ben Tre, Vinh Long, Binh Duong, and Can Tho. You will be impressed by its look and scent. When you enjoy yellow durian, it will melt in your mouth with an aromatic and sweet flavor. Besides, it is rich in vitamin and iron, which helps you to decrease cholesterol to get a healthy body. Nevertheless, this healthy food has a special scent that some people do not like. So, give it a try if you can.
• Price: 100 000 VND – 120 000 / kg

Durian - Sầu riêng

                                                               DURIAN – SẦU RIÊNG. SOURCE: BLOGANCHOI

4. Sugar apple

Sugar apple or custard apple is called ‘Na’ in Northern Vietnam and ‘Mang Cau’ in Southern Vietnam. It is high in energy, an excellent source of vitamin C, iron and phosphorus. The peel of a sugar apple is green and covered with white pollen and the pulp is white and has black seeds. Eating a sugar apple will be definitely an interesting experience when coming to Vietnam.
• Price: 35 000 VND – 50 000 VND/ kg

Sugar apple - Mãng cầu

                                                           SUGAR APPLE – MÃNG CẦU. SOURCE: AUCHAN.VN

5. Lychee

Lychee is regarded as a precious fruit in Vietnam and Vietnam become the second-largest exporter of lychees in the world. Particularly, it is mainly cultivated in Thanh Ha district of Hai Duong province. In addition to Hai Duong, Northern Vietnam is also a region which is round-topped in growing lychee trees. The white pulp of lychee is tasty and juicy.
• Price: 45 000 VND – 55 000 VND / kg

Lychee - Vải

                                                                      LYCHEE – VẢI. SOURCE: LAODONG

6. Jackfruit

Jackfruit is a nutritious and sustainable food and is grown all over the country, but it is mainly cultivated in the Mekong Delta. When it is unripe, it has a neutral flavor and is processed well into savory dishes. When it is ripe, it is sweet and similar to mango. Furthermore, it is beneficial to the immune system, maintaining blood pressure and heart health.
• Price: 20 000 VND – 30 000 VND/ kg

Jackfruit - Mít

                                                             JACKFRUIT – MÍT. SOURCE: HELLOBACSI.COM

7. Mangosteen

Mangosteen season lasts from May to August, so you should plan your schedule to be able to enjoy the best mangosteen. In the feudal time, mangosteen is considered as a noble fruit and served in royal families. At the first look, you may not like it due to its semi-firm exterior shell, but when you try it, the delicate flesh of the white interior will make you want to eat more.
• Price: 50 000 VND / kg

Mangosteen - Măng cụt

                                                                 MANGOSTEEN – MĂNG CỤT. SOURCE: VOV

8. Longan

In the north, there are many provinces growing the longan trees and longan is available abundantly in the summer. It has a watery pulp, a sweet taste, a small black seed. The longan is a tropic fruit which is full in nutrients and is used to making lotus seed soup.
• Price: 55 000 VND / kg

Longan - Nhãn

                                                                     LONGAN – NHÃN. SOURCE: DANTRI.COM

9. Mango

Mango is grown in the southern province. There are several kinds such as Xoai Cat, Xoai Xiem, Xoai Tuong. But Hoa Loc mango is the most famous mango in the Mekong Delta because of its sweet flavor and aroma. Especially, it is very good for your health and brain development. Mango in Vietnam can be eaten even when it’s not ripe. Many people love eating “green mango” with dipping sauce.
• Price: from 18 000 VND / kg

Mango - Xoài

                                                                           MANGO – XOÀI. SOURCE: DKN.TV

10. Dragon fruit

It is a tropical fruit with a unique look, red skin and seed-speckled pulp. It is high in vitamins and minerals. One of the most famous provinces for growing good dragon fruit is Binh Thuan. Moreover, you will have the chance to try delicious Vietnamese dishes because there are a lot of different dishes made from dragon fruit.
• Price: from 20 000 VND / kg

Dragon fruit - Thanh long

                                              DRAGON FRUIT – THANH LONG. SOURCE: BACHHOAXANH.COM

When coming to Vietnam, you shouldn’t miss these fruits above. They are as excellent as other popular Vietnam dishes. You can find them easily in supermarkets or local market in most of the areas in Vietnam.

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