A guide on how to visit Cai Rang floating market

Floating markets are unique business form in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam. Cai Rang floating market is the one of the largest floating market in the Mekong Delta – is a rare sight in that you just only find out the beautiful lifestyle trade when you travel in the unique Wetlands in the south of Vietnam.

Cai Rang market

Cai Rang market

1. How to get to Cai Rang market – Can Tho?

Cai Rang floating market is located in Ca Rang District, Can Tho City, South of Ho Chi Minh city and about 30 minutes by boat from Ninh Kieu Wharf.

From Ho Chi Minh City, the most popular transportation is buses. The trip takes around 4 hours from Ho Chi Minh City to Can Tho city. Moreover, that is the best and cheapest way that you can find several bus offices such as Phuong Trang, Thanh Buoi, Vu Linh and more within the price ticket around 120.000 VND to 180.000 VND on De Tham street, District 1.

If you are adventurous and want to have a road trip, you can rent a motorcycle then make your own journey. Cai Rang Floating market tour from Saigon by motorbike will take 4 to 5 hours to get there.

From Ninh Kieu Station, you will book a ticket to visit the market by boat.If you come here Cai rang Market in the rainy season, let’s book the big boat which has 15 seats and the roof.

2. Going to the floating market on the boat

Cai Rang floating market runs the business as early as 5 am until 12 pm. Early morning is the most timing to visit if you want to see the perfect light of sunrise scenario with a cup of Vietnamese coffee on the river.

In the bustle and hustle of the floating market, the local sellers have their own unique advertisement to make the visitors can easily notice their products. You will see there is a tall bamboo stick at every boat. The merchants will hang the products which they are selling on that stick which make you easy to know what they sell. The main feature of Cai Rang floating market tour is the place of trading agriculture products which is banana, orange, pineapple, coconut, watermelon, vegetables, Mekong fish and even lottery ticket. It seems to be you go to visit a typical flea market but you are floating. Other than that, you will have an unforgettable experience to see how the local people grew up on this river and chance to understand more about the Mekong culture in the southwest of Vietnam.

They hang many products on bamboo

They hang many products on bamboo

3. What can you find to eat at Cai Rang floating market?

You have to get up very early to see Cai Rang floating market so it’s understandable that you still haven’t eaten anything yet right? Don’t worry about it, you can find something to fill your empty stomach at Cai Rang floating market. With only around 30.000 VNĐ (less than 2 USD), you can have a chance to eat super good local food like Bún riêu, Bánh mì, Hủ tiếu, etc.
Do you know Gordon Ramsay, a famous chef from the UK, he visited Cai Rang floating market and fall in love with Bún riêu here. To learn a story of Chú Tèo’s Hủ tiếu, one of the best Hủ Tiếu chefs at Cai Rang floating market.

Gordon Ramsay visited Cai Rang floating market and ate hu tieu here

Gordon Ramsay visited Cai Rang floating market and ate hu tieu here

4. Travel tips
– Remember to bring cash to pay for every service here

– Sunny cream are highly recommended.

– You don’t have many chances to see Cai Rang floating market with your own eyes. So remember to bring the camera with you to catch the wonderful moments.

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