Jackfruit is one of fantastic fruits in Vietnam

Fruit is essential to everyday life in Vietnam. From street corners to bicycle vendors, signs for ‘hoa quả’ atop perfectly stacked pyramids of colourful fruits are everywhere. If you have a chance to Vietnam don’t miss Jackfruitis ( Mít in Vietnamese)

Why Jackfruit is special? Typically a ripe jackfruit weighs from 2 to 3 kilogram. Farmers commonly use their finger to press in regards to jackfruit to figure out if is actually soft enough to harvesting. When it is young, its cover looks like green. Its thorny skin will change color from green to a yellow and dark brown then when it ripens.



Inside of the fruit, beneath the cover are the bright yellow fleshy bulbs which you can choose to eat the big fleshes with seed inside. There are also so many small edible fibres without seed inside. Normally Vietnamese people do not eat these small fibres. The seeds are brown and edible after being boiled.

A ripe Jackfruit give out an aromatic smell that you can automatically know it in a distance of 10m.

To eat “mit” people cut the jackfruit horizontally into two halves, then continue to slice each piece top to bottom. Use the hands to distinguish each segment from the jackfruit, then take away the seed starting and slowly take pleasure in the tasty flesh.This Jackfruit has a lot of latex, event it is ripe. Normally after cutting it from the tree, Vietnamese people use a stake to drive into its stem some days, so that its latex reduces.

Thorny skin of Jackfruit

Thorny skin of Jackfruit

If you have opportunities to taste this delicious fruit, and surely you will remember its aroma forever.

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