Traveling Can Tho- The Beauty at Tay Do Night Market

Tay Do market is about 1 km from the Can Tho city center in the west of Hau river and situated in International Exhibition Zone Can Tho.

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River by night

Tay Do market is the largest trade center of the southern provinces and also a tourist attraction. In spite of just operating in recent years, Tay Do night market is seen as a highlight and attractive cultural tourist destination in Can Tho which attracts not only locals but also tourists from other parts of the country. Formerly, Tay Do market was a wholesale market selling goods to neighboring locals and foreign countries. In addition to the function of exchanging commodities, the market also serves food services, entertainment, etc. Due to its working scale and important role to the region, Tay Do market becomes a major trade center of the southern provinces.


A lot of tourists purchase goods here

There are a variety of fresh fruits here. They all are harvested in day; hence they are very fresh and nutritious with reasonable price. Furthermore, local people here are very honest and frank, without any bargain; then you can feel free to choose your favorite fruits.

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The Tay Do market’s gate

The Tay Do night market today is described a harmonic architecture with surrounding environment and imbued with Southern style. The market is scientifically divided into booths to make sure airy and artistic space. Paths in the market are also cemented and look spacious. Moreover, there are a variety of goods in the market which meet requirements of locals as well as tourists. Apart from purpose of exchanging goods, the Tay Do night market also serves new and modern entertainment services: electronic games, outdoor music stage and other entertainment programs.

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Romantic landscape at night

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