Experience Beautiful Pass Roads In Da Lat

To enter the center of Dalat city, visitors can enjoy beautiful roads right from pass routes through Banana pass, Prenn pass, or Spectacular pass. Experience Beautiful Pass Roads In Da Lat. 

September is when summer rains appear less and leave characteristic colors of autumn in the chilly air. The feeling of comfort makes everyone comfortable and excited to visit Da Lat, despite not the first time.

Banana Pass connects Dong Nai and Lam Dong

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In the early morning, clouds cover all roads in Banana routes which make a very fanciful scene.

Located 150 km from Ho Chi Minh City, Madagui town, Da Huoai district, Banana pass is the first pass of Lam Vien Plateau, connecting Dong Nai and Lam Dong. With many winding routes but the Banana pass is less dangerous and not too long.

Prenn Pass, Admire Pine Forests and Evil Waterfalls

Prenn is named as Cham language and means “conquest” with the length of 11 km and is located 10 km from the center of Dalat city.

The pass winds through high mountains and pine forests, leaving dangerous bends. The more you go into the city, the cleared travelers the cool weather of the city of love.

Bao Loc Pass, Where Earth and Sky Blend

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Dangerous bends always make travelers wary.

Bao Loc Pass with 10 km long with and 107 sharp bends is an ideal route challenging those who love discovering and conquering. The pass route runs through majestic mountains, high cliffs and abyss hundreds of meters below.

Mimosa Pass, which goes with a flower

Also known as the Prenn Pass 2, located parallel to the Prenn Pass, Mimosa is the pass named after a typical flower of Da Lat. With a length of about 10 km leading to the city center, the pass through pine forests give tourists mimosa blossoms with brilliant yellow color.

Compared with Prenn, Mimosa is absence of dangerous bends, but no less interesting. It attracts tourists by the gentleness of valleys looming in white mist and mimosa blossoms.

Spectacular Pass- Most dangerous roads in the south

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With a length of about 18.5 km, winding through endless mountains and pine forests that bend as “giant snakes”, the Spectacular Pass always leave a deep impression to visitors.

As its name, the Spectacular Pass is also called as Song Pha Pass and connects Ninh Thuan and Da Lat, impresses tourists with scene of mountain after moutain.

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