Vietnamese Cuisine in the eyes of Children Far From Home

Under the eyes of children far from home, Vietnamese cuisine is always attractive and tasty.


Vietnamese cuisine is one of attractive factors for foreign tourists. It is different from region to region.

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In the minds of the Vietnamese, traditional dishes are an inseparable part. When away from home, the taste makes their hearts sobbing and lingering. Therefore, every time they come back home, they shall quickly look familiar addresses to fill their miss.

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Such these places are not simply luxurious restaurants on big streets. They are just grilled fragrant corns on Hanoi streets in cold winter days,

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or bunches of ripe fruits from Mekong Delta.

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Phở, nem and bánh mì are most familiar food.

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Moreover, such these people also start introducing Vietnamese food to foreign countries.

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You can see Vietnamese phở on Kingsland street (England), a chain of bánh mì Lee’s sandwich, broken rice in Orange County (America), etc.

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It is reason why the names bánh xèo, bún chả, etc. appear more in international markets.

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