Strange Tastes of Street Food in Lang Son

Referring to the cuisine of Lang Son, you’ll probably think of the famous Peking duck. Apart from folk dishes made features of the border land, it must mention the strange tastes of street food which is proper in freezing weather.

Bread and roasted meat

Street Food in Lang Son (1)

What makes the distinction of this dish is the special sauce served with hot bread, covered with honey, and then sliced. It is served with meat skewers roasted over charcoal.

Cao Sang cake

Cao Sang cake is described with honey color, soft, flexible, tough, cut into rectangular pieces, sprinkled with crushed roasted peanuts. Cakes are served with a simple sauce mixed together with sugar, chili and culantro. Cao Sang cakes are sold at Phai Mon slope, near Ky Lua market.

Street Food in Lang Son

Just vnd 6.000/ a bowl of Cao Sang cakes

Coong Cake (made from Gac fruit powder)

Coong Cakes are made from Gac fruit powder, then rounded, its filling is steamed mung bean and crushed roasted peanuts.

Street Food in Lang Son (4)

It is sold in Ky Lua market. Just VND 10,000/ a bowl of Coong Cakes.

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