Vietnamese Bread Causes a Stir to the World Cuisine

Be present at many countries and praised by foreign magazines, Vietnamese bread has been put on the map and become a favorite street food in the world.


Vietnamese bread has become a well-known and favorite street food in many countries of the world.

In recent years, Vietnamese bread has become a well-known and favorite street food in many countries. Like Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup), people call Vietnamese bread “banh mi”, the name full of admiration, rather than Vietnamese baguette or Vietnamese sandwich. This really is a mark which makes foreigners remember in its own name in their mind every time they want to eat bread in Vietnamese style. With the three basics: good-tonic-cheap, the tiny Vietnamese banh mi was able to be compared with the world sandwiches such as tacos (Mexico), sandwiches (UK) or Baguettes (France).

During a trip to Hoi An, Cameron Stauch – who served as a chef to the president of Canada had the opportunity to visit a small shop selling bread in the old town and enjoyed the bread here. Most recently, David Farley, a writer specializing in travel and culinary wrote a review of Vietnamese banh mi on the BBC titled “Is Vietnam banh mi the most delicious sandwich in the world?” . He said that Vietnam bread is the most enchanting cakes he has eaten in his life.


The small shop in Hoi An is commended by Canadian chef as “the best sandwich place in Vietnam.”

Now, the popular sandwich shops of Vietnam have become familiar in the handbook of the American fast food restaurants. Particularly in the city of Boston, Massachusetts, USA have New Saigon sandwich, Vietnamese Sandwiches & Bubble Tea, Banh Mi House, Banh Mi Nhu Lan, delicious Banh Mi, Banh Mi Ba Le, etc. Group Yum Brands- owner of KFC and Pizza Hut opened a bread shop in Texas and named it Banh Shop.


Ba Le Bread Shop in Dorchester, US

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