Feeding Bran Packaging of Vietnam Becomes Fashionable Bags on Japanese Streets

On Japanese streets appear a lot of images of people who use feeding bran packaging of Vietnam as fashionable bags.

On the facebook of Mr. Phan Duc Thai, he shared images of Japanese people wearing feeding bran packaging of Vietnam on road. Mr. Thai and his friends catch such these images on subway as well as on road.


The packaging is popularly used as bags by Japanese people.

Such these bags in different colors and shapes are recycled from the big feeding bran packing of Vietnam. On these bags still remain images and Vietnamese language prints of bran brands.

The shopkeeper of such these bags is Japanese man. He imported the feeding bran packaging from Vietnam, and then recycled them into convenient bags. It costs VND 400,000/bag.


The bags are popularly sold…


…and even on online shop


A Japanese man is hanging the bag on Japanese road.

Mr. Thai shared “The Japanese are very careful in shopping and fashion. When the Vietnamese made products is accepted, it means a successful product.


The bag on subway


It costs VND 400,000/bag


A variety of bags


Some packaging samples for recycling into fashionable bags

Japan is known as the country with quite liberal street fashion. Therefore, the prevailing packaging bags is not too a strange fashion on the streets of this country.

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