International Travelers Praise Vietnam as a ‘Food Paradise’

Vietnam street food is more and more famous and affirms its attraction in international tourists’ eyes.

A variety of food menus with different flavors and styles has got praise from CNNgo- a well-known newspaper in the United States as a “food paradise. While the world famous travel magazine- Lonely Planet listed Vietnam as one of 10 must-experience cuisine tourism in the world.

quan an duong pho

                                     Foreign tourists are interested in the Vietnam street food

Recently, well-know international newspapers and magazines such as: National Geographic and Amusing Planet also posted images of street bread, vendors for food or fruits in Vietnam to introduce to all over the world about a small country but an attractive destination for those who like tasting street cuisine.

The Vietnam street food is not only attractive but also cheap that make many foreign tourists surprise. Every single city, countryside, village has its own specialty. And the countryside dishes are a factor that attracts tourists exploring the charming destinations in Vietnam. Many articles on major news sites or on personal blogs of Western tourists share their impression about Vietnam cuisine. It seems that the image of men sitting on plastic tools along the sidewalk to enjoy favorite dishes is not strange anymore.

Mike Tatarski, a tourist with 2- year experience in Vietnam and enjoying street food in Vietnam shared that the street cuisine is so simple that you only need to enter and take a seat on a plastic tool and enjoy. But it is really worth experiencing. He added: “Perhaps the image of vendors is unique to Vietnam only. The sound of vendors’ cry has become a very particular characteristic of Vietnam’s tourism image. The rhythm once is raised; it likes a person who is singing a song. ”

quan an duong pho 3

                                                                Street food in Hanoi

One of interesting things when you enjoy Vietnam food in a small shop on sidewalks is that you can see daily activities of local people: a group of men is sitting together to drink beer and talk about soccer or work, other corner, children are playing, waiters chat each other while waiting customers order, etc. Strangle tourists can look around and select a dish that local people are enjoying. Hence, all language fences and cultural difference are not problems because they are her in “food paradise” with creative and fresh dishes.

Lonely Planet advised readers to take part in a walking tour in Hanoi together with tour guides in order to enjoy specialties here such as: Phở Bò (beef noodle), Xèo cake (sizzling cake), roll cake, etc.

quan an duong pho 4

                                                  Very delicious street food in Vietnam

The image of foreign tourists sitting on plastic tools is no longer strange. Some cuisine food specialists said that Vietnam street food is attractive because of the fresh of vegetable and fruits. It is not as greasy as Chinese food and less hot than Thailand food. The site CNNgo emphasized that Americans also have mobile food stalls, but Vietnam is the real “food paradise”. You can find no other place with diverse of food and cuisine like in Vietnam.

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