Vietnam- One of Top Low Cost Tourism Destinations (lower than USD 50)

Just put into your pocket amount of more than VND 1 million, you can comfortably stay in Vietnam during 2 days and a half.

Huffington Post online newspaper has just launched five destinations owning a lot of beautiful sites in the world but just need USD 50 in your account to visit.



Speaking of S-shaped land, American news site comments: “Although all current things in Vietnam have sharply increased, compared to world, it is still a destinations with affordable price. Partly due to exchange rate which is beneficial for the dollar, so you can easily visit this country only 20 USD / day “.

Hanoi capital is a favorable destination for foreign tourists.



The country of Golden Temples is an ideal destination for backpack tourists. Pristine and beautiful beaches, delicious and cheap food, along with the massive culture, Thailand attracts in large numbers of tourists. For $ 20, you can comfortably spend a day including meals and a place to stay overnight.

Thailand attracts tourists with pristine and beautiful beaches along with reasonable price.



Although it is not the first destination in the list, Cambodia with many mysteries still attracts those who like discovering. The most famous site in Cambodia is Angkor Wat. Depending on the way you spend, a day in Cambodia costs you 10-20 dollars.



India is considered paradise for backpackers. Price for a day in India costs about $ 20.

Although there are many beautiful and affordable price, India still makes ​many female tourists feel unsafe.



The ancient temples and teahouses Masala are a special and attractive destination of the country lying in the Himalayan region. You will only lose about $ 10 a day in Nepal, but if you want to spend comfortably, it will cost 20 USD.

Nepal is famous for tourism, hiking, climbing, etc.

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