Hydropower Project- “Specialty” of Hoa Binh Tourism

In addition to visiting the factory, visitors can sit on boat on a big lake, visit Thac Bo cave, Long Vuong temple, Thuong Ngan lady temple or ethnic villages nearby.


It takes about 70 km from Hanoi and the hydropower plant is approximately 3km from the city.

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The work was built underground of mountains and is located in Hoa Binh reservoir on the famous Da river.

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This is the giant industrial work of Vietnam’s power sector, including the following tasks: flood control, power generation, irrigation, and water transportation.

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Before the Son La hydroelectric power plant was inaugurated, Hoa Binh was the largest hydropower plant in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, providing a third of capacity for the whole country.

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“The pride of Vietnam’s power sector” was built from 1979 to April 1994. In addition, it is also a fascinating sight.

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One other point to stop here is the statue of President Ho Chi Minh on Tuong hill, the traditional house is a place to store century letters sent to the next generation, a memorial statue for Vietnamese people and Soviet specialists who sacrificed on the hydropower project.

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Ending of the tour, you should sit on boat to admire magic nature, visit Thac Bo cave, Long Vuong temple, Thuong Ngan lady temple or ethnic villages nearby.

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