Vietnam bronze drum in the UN building in Switzerland

As one of four headquarters of the United Nations in the world, the building in Geneva attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year and this is a place where many memorabilia of countries are displayed, including Vietnam bronze drum.


The United Nation building in Geneva was built from 1929 to 1938, and expanded in early 1950 to the end of 1960.


This is the 2nd largest building in the four headquarters of the United Nation, in the green campus overlooking Geneva Lake with views of the majestic mountains Apls. In front of the building are flagpoles of members of the UN.


Visitors wishing to visit the United Nation building in Geneva can sign up one- hour tour with more than 15 different languages. The building opens for visitors from Monday to Friday (September to March) and Monday to Saturday (April to August).


After signing tour, visitors will be guided inside the building. Above picture is the room of Human Rights and Alliance of civilizations, the place where the meetings of the UN Human Rights Council take place.


Next is the council meeting room, which organizes important meetings like World Health General Assembly.


The bilateral and multilateral meetings with the aim of solving international intense issues usually take place here.


Each tour of the UN building in Geneva costs 12 CHF, the equivalent of VND 270,000. Students and groups of over 20 people, the tour price is 10 CHF (VND 220,000). Children and students under 18, the tour price is 7 CHF (VND 159,000).


Vietnam’s bronze drum is also exhibited in the UN building in Geneva.


The path to the UN building through a famous bridge; behind are high buildings and mountains characteristic of Switzerland.

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