Peaceful Life in Chuon Pond, Hue

As a part of Tam Giang pond, Chuon pond (another name Cau Hai) is a favorite destination for a lot of tourists in Hue province.

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It is 12 km from the city center, you just need to go highway 49, then turn to An Truyen direction, Phu Vang district.

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People here mainly live on fishing. They start their work from 6 pm to 6 am tomorrow. On early mornings, when fishermen come back after a hard-working night, the atmosphere here becomes busier.

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Chuon pond has famous fish with firm and fragrant meat.

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Fish will be carefully sorted and sold at the fish market.


Some families build fish farms to watch out their fishing fruits.

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Like other fishing village, aside from fishing equipment, boats also are houses of many family households. The life is associated with boats.

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Dawn is the most exciting time here.

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Visiting Chuon pond, you have chances to enjoy a lot of famous seafood.

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Naïve beauty of children in Chuon pond

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