Dinh Co Festival, Vung Tau

Dinh co

Majestic Dinh Co near Long Hai shore

Every year on February 10 (lunar calendar), thousands of people in all parts of the country gather in Dinh Co (Long Hai town, Ba Ria- Vung Tau) to participate in the festival. This is not a long time festival but considered one of the largest festivals of Southern fishermen. The festival takes place in Dinh Co, under the foot of Thuy Van mountain, Long Hai town, Long Dat district. Locals usually call Dinh Co festival.

Dinh co (2)

The Dinh Co festival on February lunar calendar

mo co

Co grave

Dinh co (3)

Co Pavilion festival is annually held

On the festival, Dinh Co is colorful decorated with lanterns and flowers. Boats of fishing villages in Long Hai, Phuoc Hai, Phuoc Tinh, Vung Tau and some fishing Central regions are splendidly decorated. Therefore, at night, here appears a glorious bustling scene of lantern festival.

Dinh co (1)

Shimmery night festival with the rite of inviting Co

Fishermen believed that the more beautiful their boats are, the more fish they harvest. It is reason why they try to decorate their boat as beautiful as possible. Another rite in the festival is the freeing ritual. People buy birds and free them for making merit as Buddhist.

There are a lot of activities in the festival: tuong singing, lion dance, dragon dance and folk games such as: catching fish, eels, and boat racing, basket boat racing, etc. Such these folk games always involve a lot of participants.

Dinh co (4)

The beauty in ritual culture of Long Hai fishermen

Finally, it can be said that the special thing of the festival Dinh Co in Long Hai is the convergence of many cultural beauties and own flavor of each region. And in the divine moments of the festival, participants seem to find no barrier between Gods and folk life. Moreover, the festival positively affects other festivals in the local as well as other surrounding regions.

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