Peaceful And Poetic Beauty Of Tri Thuy Lagoon

If you want to find a peaceful beauty, let go to peaceful and friendly Tri Thuy Pond (Phan Rang city, Ninh Thuan).

Talking about peace, it is usually mentioned to Tri Thuy Pond where you will feel most relaxed and the most soothing feeling. Tri Thuy is the name of a lagoon, about 15 km from the sea Ninh Chu (Ninh Thuan province) along the strait north of Phan Rang. Rent a bike, do not need a map, and ask the locals to get the way to Tri Thuy Lagoon.

The name Tri Thuy shows the friendliness, this is a special place in the beautiful city of Phan Rang. Tri Thuy is beautiful thanks little boats near the shores. Visiting Tri Thuy lagoon, you should come on a sunshine afternoon, about 3 pm. It it the most beautiful moment in the day.

tri-thuy (1)

Tri Thuy is a beautiful tourist destination, but is often missed out.

tri-thuy (2)

The kids here are so adorable.

tri-thuy (3)

Such these little boats are anchored near the shore – is very poetic subject for photography enthusiasts.

tri-thuy (4)

Seafood caught here is very fresh, enjoy once will remember forever.

tri-thuy (6)

If you are lucky you will see racing boats.

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