French Bartender Expert To Vietnam

French Bartender Expert To Vietnam. Emile Chaillot is considered as a famous master of making beverage worldwide. He is going to Vietnam to make a tour cocktail and share experiences of cocktail mixing.

He has over 10- year experience working in famous bars in the main cities like Paris, New York, Sydney and Hong Kong.

In his profile at Linkedin, he shared that “I’ve been involved in the beverage and hospitality industry for over 10 years, started as bartender to beverage consultant.

Throughout my carrier, I had the opportunity meet amazing people, and work and live in some of the most amazing cities on the planet where I lived, such as Paris, New York, Sydney and Hong kong, and where i have learned and acquired great experience .

My profession allows me to travel, share experiences and knowledge with others.

Visiting new cities, meeting new people, new cultures, is one of the most rewarding part.”

French Bartender Expert To Vietnam

With years of experience in performing beverage making, Emile will be in Vietnam to share his experiences.

On May 5th, Emile Chaillot will be in Ho Chi Minh City to make the Cocktail Tour with the name “Marie Brizard Tour – Together with Emile Chaillot to discover the art of cocktail mixing “.

Accordingly, he will share the technical experience of cocktail mixing, updating latest trends of drink in the world for students majoring in beverage making, restaurants and professional bartenders. Places are selected for his tour: Secondary School of Tourism, Hotel Saigon Tourist, and Nguyen Truong To vocational college.

In the evening the same day, Emile also performed excellent art of beverage making. Guests will enjoy unmatched tastes in Vietnam and many more other activities.

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