Coc Pai Market In The Different Colors

Coc Pai is a small town of Xin Man district, situated on North West mountainous area, Ha Giang province. The market here is imbued with highland traditions and will bring tourists a lot of attractive and strange things.

coc-pai-market (1)

The way leading to Coc Pai has two directions, one from Vinh Quang town and the other from Bac Ha. However, such these ways are always challenges to riders.

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The first thing that is easy to see is booths of fresh fruits on roadsides.

coc-pai-market (3)

Brocade booths are always brilliant with colorful ethnic costumes. In the picture are costumes of Hmong people.

coc-pai-market (4)

The market is not only a place of trading but also a gathering place of the local. You will see warm smiles and laughter.

coc-pai-market (5)

The busiest area in the market is the cattle trading in the end of the market.

coc-pai-market (6)

The largest area is used for cows, buffalo, and horses.

coc-pai-market (7)

To ethnic people, cows and buffalo are big properties. The price will be privately negotiated and money is paid on site.

coc-pai-market (9)

Wine booths are indispensable part in the highland markets. Do not forget to taste and talk with funny salesmen.

coc-pai-market (10)

Coc Pai market is only weekly taken place on Sunday and sells a variety of goods: agricultural good, cattle, brocade, and  consumables.

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